Spare the rod…??

They say spare the rod and spoil the child; but how far or less to go with this statement I suppose will always be a matter up for debate. Parents and teachers always have differences in regards to how far spanking and corporal punishment should be handled in schools.

So the question is what mistakes should prompt corporal punishment? This is an issue that has been discussed all over the world and your guess is as good as mine: the opinions raised here are vast and we will be expecting to much from people with different sets of thinking and beliefs from totally varied backgrounds to agree fully on this. There have been lots of gay spanking videos that also show corporal punishment movies.

The most recent case reported on this is that of an eight year old girl in Kenya who was beaten to death for failing to read a complete statement in English! This left me really puzzled and questioning: is it really worth it to loose such a young life full of dreams and ambition in the name of corporal punishment??

That said, my take is this: spanking and corporal punishment directed to children for luck of respect and any form of indiscipline is okay for taking corrective measures to mold the character of a child. Instilling knowledge and intelligence growth only requires patience and understanding!